Moullons a rustic and charming natural stone

Building a house is one of the most important events in a person’s life. A step that necessarily passes through the choice of materials to use for its realization. Consumers have several offers in this area, each with its pros and cons. Among them, Moullons, also known as “block” or “block agglomerate.” Moullons are currently one of the cheapest materials on the market. It also has the advantage of being extremely resistant. Built this way, your home won’t crumble overnight. The lifespan of classic Moullons does indeed approach 100 years.


In addition, it has added a strong robustness to the quality of the thickness of the material (different stones of different thicknesses currently on the market) also allow you to obtain a comfortable acoustic insulation and a particularly high level of safety, given the robustness of this material. It also has a rustic side which is very charming.


A Moullons wall is an almost eternal wall, if it is well maintained. The other obvious advantage of Moullons is that it is non-flammable.
It gives the best protection against fire. It is for this reason that houses built near forests choose Moullons.


The building stone, due to its mechanical strength, texture and different colors, explains the timelessness, its character and gives you a profit from an indisputably unique building. It reflects the nature of a region’s subsurface.


It should also be added that Moullons have a green aspect: it is indeed a natural product, which consists of 87% aggregates (stone, gravel and sand), 6% water and 7% water. clay and limestone (the cement). It is also 100% recyclable: the aggregates that compose it can be reused indefinitely.