Marble the most beautiful natural stone

According to many, marble is one of the most beautiful natural stone types. The stone is hard but also very easy to work with. The Greeks and Romans already appreciated these properties by using marble as a construction and cladding material. Marble is a limestone, caused by the fact that the sedimentary rock (sedimentary rock) has been exposed for a long time to an enormous high pressure and temperature differences during the formation of mountains. In addition to the well-known white Carrara and Arabescato marble, the various marble types are available in a wide range of colors. This richness of colors and variations in finish gives designers the freedom to realize the most beautiful architectural projects with marble.


Marble has been a sought-after building material for centuries, despite being a fairly hard stone. Marble has traditionally been considered a stone that is very elegant.

Marble nowadays fits very well in a modern home and gives the interior a fantastic and warm appearance. The classic material has made a real comeback. In the bathroom, the kitchen and in the living room.


The special thing about marble is the lively character that fits both in a classic interior and in a modern and sleek environment. In addition, it is very practical, because it is easy to clean and maintain.