Rusty Slate


Rusty Slate is a beautiful slate floor from China. Rusty Slate slate is a very fine-grained rock of mostly microscopic clay minerals with some microscopic quartz and calcite.
Slate can also contain some of the same minerals found in granite, making some slates iridescent and / or hard.

The change of shale by heat and pressure produces the pronounced separations (slaty split) that give slate its characteristics.
Like limestone and marble, the color comes from trace metals. The wild colors on most Chinese and Indian slates are the result of splitting the slate along natural layers, exposing the metals to the atmosphere and oxidizing (rusting).
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We can send samples 20 × 20 on request by TNT, ordered in a natural stone box today before 12:00 delivered the next day, costs € 15.00 on order, we deduct these from the order.


This natural stone is suitable for all uses, both outside and inside, but the choice of material and finish must always be related to its application.



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Rusty Slate

Lead time 12 weeks

Ref.Nr.: RSLL-60

Floor .: Rusty Slate Slate

Quality .: Rusty Slate

Origin: China

Material .: Rusty Slate is a Chinese Slate.

Color .: Slate with brown rusty background.

Dimensions: Tiles 90 – 60 – 30 cm

Thickness: 3.0 cm

Rusty Slate 60x60x3.0cm Price .: € 35.00 (m²)

Rusty Slate GWB 90x60x3.0cm Price .: € 35.00 (m²)

Prices are Excl. VAT. and Transport costs.