Salte Mustang Brazil


Mustang slate is a beautiful natural stone from Brazil. This Black slate with its characteristic “flame effect” is an extremely popular indoor and outdoor floor.


Due to its enormous wear resistance and the fact that the tiles retain their color outside. This makes it possible to “run this floor from the inside out”

We supply high quality natural stone & ceramics at very competitive prices. We source our materials directly from the quarry. We also have large stocks and our delivery times are minimal.


We can send samples 20 × 20 on request by TNT, ordered in a box today before 12:00 delivered the next day, costs € 15.00 on order, we deduct these from the order.


This natural stone is suitable for all uses, both outside and inside, but the choice of material and finish must always be related to its application.



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Slate Mustang Brazil

Available from stock.

Ref.Nr.: LMB-60

Floor .: Slate

Quality .: Mustang split / calibrated.

Origin .: Brazil

Material .: First quality Brazilian Mustang Slate

Color: dark gray to black slate.

Dimensions and price:

60 x 40 x 1.0cm split / calibrated Price .: € 22.50 (m²)

60 x 60 x 1.0cm split / calibrated Price .: € 22.50 (m²)

60x60x2.5cm split / calibrated Price .: € 35.00 (m²)

80x80x1.5cm split / calibrated Price .: € 35.00 (m²)

80x80x2.5cm split / calibrated Price .: € 45.00 (m²)

100x100x3.0cm split / calibrated Price .: € 55.00 (m²)

Roofing slates 20 x 40 x 0.5 – 0.9 cm Price: € 1.25 each – Delivery time 12 weeks

Prices are Excl. VAT. and Transport costs.

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