Slate Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles

Durable floors with a beautiful natural look.


Slate floor tiles and wall tiles are popular not only for their tough look, but also for their affordable price and low maintenance character. Slate is a natural and durable floor that is very suitable for the living room and kitchen, but also for the bathroom or outside on the terrace. In addition, slate floor tiles are not very sensitive to scratches and stains. An ideal floor for a family.


Slate floor tiles are available in dark and natural tones, depending on the composition of the earlier clay. For example, you have slate in calm dark shades such as dark green, dark gray, dark brown and deep black. Slate floor tiles are available in both square and rectangular sizes, from small to immense floor tiles.


An important property of slate floor tiles is that they can very easily take on the ambient temperature. Because the floor tile consists of different layers, the heat also stays in the tile for a long time and the absorbed heat is only released very slowly. This makes the tile ideally suited for underfloor heating.