Limestone Floors and Tiles

Limestone is a natural stone that comes in different guises. Limestone can also be very hard and durable. Limestone is, of course, not as hard as a granite, but great for most indoor purposes. Limestone floors are by definition not acid resistant.


Characteristic of the limestone are the attractive color shades, veins and the fossil remains of plants and animals. Limestone is available in a wide variety of colors. Common colors are: cream limestone, yellow limestone, but also gray and black limestone are common.


The properties of limestone are broadly similar to the properties of marble. Limestone is resistant to normal use. The degree of gloss of limestone must be adapted to the intensity of use. In most cases, matt gloss (honed limestone) is better than high gloss (polished limestone). About 30% of the limestones are frost resistant. Limestone is usually polished (polished limestone and honed limestone). The effect of other operations (sanded limestone, blasted limestone, bush hammered limestone and flamed limestone) is limited by the light stone color of limestone. Operations affect the color of the limestone. Polishing the limestone gives the deepest color reproduction, while rough machining makes the color of limestone paler.

Limestone Sinai Pearl, Egypt

Limestone Gallala, Egypt