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Dalles de Burgondy

Dalles de Burgondy, for a timeless character

Burgundian dalles is a collective name for the French limestone from the Burgundy region. The Burgundian dalles is an exclusive natural stone and available in various shades and finishes that vary from a sleek modern look to aged with a rural weathered look. The beautiful hue and authentic look ensures that your floor will have a stylish and timeless character. These natural stone tiles, or rather floor slabs, were and are often used in estates, castles and monasteries.


There is a rich range of shades. From very light, off-white to brown and even shades of gray. Partly because of this, this natural stone floor is ideal for large areas, the floor remains fascinating due to the color nuances. The antique Burgundian Dallen have been worn down for centuries, which gives the floor a beautiful, sturdy look. Burgundian floors are still made today, so you can also contact us for roughened Burgundian Dalles.


The French limestone has different names and are often used interchangeably, such as Burgundian dales, pierre de burgundy or pierre de bourgogne. These tiles are often used for the living room, hallway and kitchen.