Basalt Tibet Olivian Black G684, Honed


Tibet Basalt Olivian Black G684 is a beautiful floor, dark gray to black with clearly noticeable dark “stains” in the honed or polished finish. In Tibet Basalt Olivian Black, small hairline cracks also regularly appear, which are visible shortly after placement. The fine hairline cracks are an intrinsic characteristic of the material and therefore cannot give rise to complaints. In addition, this material has been tested by the BBRI and found to be frost-free. Given its excellent wear resistance, this natural stone is suitable for all uses (class 5): floor, wall and stair finishes in individual homes and buildings with moderate and intensive collective use.


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Tibet Basalt Olivian Black G684, Honed


Ref.Nr.: BTOB-002

Name.: Tibet Basalt Olivian Black G684 Honed

Origin.: China

Material.: First quality Basalt from Fujian province.

Color.: Crystal Black, Panda Black, Olivian Black, Twilight.

Size and price:

60x60x1.5cm honed Price.: € 55,00

Prices are per m² and excluding VAT. and transportation costs.

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Materiaal.: Tibet Olivian G684 black, gezoet.

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