Basalt Natural Stone Floors and Tiles

Basalt is a hard natural stone, which makes it strong, durable and durable. The basalt natural stones that we have in our range are flamed and brushed, which has made the surface rough and gives the product a robust appearance.
Basalt natural stone is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. In addition, this stone is less sensitive to discoloration outside than most other natural stone types. This is one of the reasons that Basalt is so popular.


Basalt is an igneous rock. The magma that flows out after a volcanic eruption cools and hardens. The shrinkage that occurs during the solidification of the basalt lava leads to the typical hexagonal structures (basalt columns). In the Netherlands you can still see this shape as traditional dike coverings and on breakwaters and beach heads.


Basalt is usually black or gray in color and therefore fits perfectly with a modern or minimalist interior. Basalt does not wear quickly and the weather also has little influence on the type of stone, making it easy to work with outside. The material does not discolour and can withstand frost. These tiles come into their own, especially in modern gardens. In addition, you can perfectly combine the patio tiles with our Basalt interior floors.

Tibet Basalt Olivian G684 – flamed/brushed – China

Tibet Basalt Olivian Black G684 – Honed – China

Zwembadrand Basalt Olivian Black G684 – Flamed/Brushed